Black Affiliate Workflows

Black Affiliate Workflows

Daily work flows will initially cater to but could include the additional brands which the affiliate decides to promote which become available in the MarketPlace.

  1. Check for new posts in your affiliate account.
  2. Post new posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.
  3. Check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube for new postings by Boupon and Like, Retweet, & Reply.
  4. Talk to at least 5 business people (potential sellers) on the phone about Boupon and aim to get at least 2 signups.
  5. Check Boupon for new listings so you can talk about these items when encouraging people to signup.
  6. Watch social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for Anti-Black Racism occurrences and encourage people to take  demonstrable action in the moment by donating to support providing a Ready to Go Online Black Business Project  to disadvantaged youths in a Black Community.


  1. Boupon planning and reporting Zoom meeting between 9 -10 am. Discussions include  new product launches and guest speakers.
  2. Contact every member of your network between 10 -11am and wish them a happy Boupon day and ask them what they are going to buy on Boupon today! Text is preferable, but it is ok to use an automated message, email, chat and other automated means.
  3. Follow-up with your contacts to ensure that they have signed up. Consider sending follow-up emails using the email tool on Boupon.
  4. Proudly drive around in your car with the Boupon decal.
  5. Go to the mall to engage with shoppers from the Black Community to ask them if they would consider buying from Boupon. Provide ecard with your affiliate coupons. Use these encounters to record TikTok video’s and post to Boupon social media.


Monthly workflows are to be determined but will include PR and speaking arrangements for those who feel comfortable in this area.

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