Black Affiliates Onboarding

This is an exciting time to become a Black Affiliate

Unleash your social networking and marketing skills to help to support Black Owned Businesses and start to re-direct the spending power of the Black Community back into the Black Community.

The income potential for you is phenomenal and provides you with the opportunity to become financially independent.

Join our affiliate program today and start earning commissions! With our program, you can promote high-quality products and services created by Black Owned businesses to your network and earn a percentage of each sale. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Sign up now and start earning! 

  1. Click here to register on the Black Affiliates Inc. website and you will be sent your affiliate code by email. You will also be automatically registered on the websites of the brands such as that are promoted in the Black Affiliates MarketPlace.
  2. Click on each website link in the Black Affiliates MarketPlace and you will be taken to your affiliate account on each website where you will be provided with the marketing banners and coupon codes for that brand which contain your affiliate code. The link for is in place.
  3. Use the email tool link on the websites of the brands such as to send emails to your contacts to invite them to join.
  4. Send a follow-up email to your contacts with the coupon containing your affiliate code. 

The rest is easy, when you give your coupon codes to prospective customers, each sale made using the coupon will earn commission in your affiliate account on the brand websites such as

  1. Post your banners to social media and also to your website if you have one. When prospective customers see and click on your banner and then make a purchase on the brand website, such as, your commission will be recorded in your affiliate account on the brand website.
  2. Order your car magnets promotional tool, free of any costs. Place the car magnet on your car when received. The car magnet will contain a coupon and a QR code  with your affiliate number which will record a commission in your affiliate account when used to make a purchase on the brand website.
  3. Plan to do as much shopping as possible on the platform, as it rolls out, as this will enable you to speak from experience about the benefits of shopping on