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Black Affiliates is a Platform that Empowers Influencers from the Black Community to Sell and Promote the Products and Services of Black Owned Businesses.

Black Affiliate

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Our Story

We offer a complete digital as well as a traditional affiliate marketing solution that connects Black Owned Businesses to top-performing affiliates from the Black Community with reach that extends across all communities.

Core Values

Our core values revolve around serving the brands we promote and the Black affiliates we support. These core values include VALUING THOSE WHOM WE SERVE, PURSUING EXCELLENCE and EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY.

Our Mission

We believe that advertising is local and our Mission is to be a catalyst to unleash the creative talents of social media and other influencers within the Black Community to market the products and services of Black Owned Businesses, locally, within the Black Community and pose an alternative to marketing and advertising strategies focused almost entirely on paid search and paid advertising on social media platforms.  

This is an excellent means of retaining value and profit within the Black Community.

Why choose us

Full Onboarding Support for Brands

We help brands to develop their brand promotion strategy and to create promotional materials for the affiliates to publish.

Top Earning Opportunities for Affiliates

We provide affiliates with the opportunity to achieve high earnings with the lucrative brand promotion incentives in our network.

Win Win

We provide a win win situation for the Black Affiliates, the Black Owned Businesses and the Black Community as advertising dollars can now be circulated within the Black Community.
Black Affiliates
Black Affiliates

Our Top Producers

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